Currently our Test Piece Store can only accept orders shipping to the United States.

Online Store Ordering / FAQ

What is a Test Puck?

A test puck is our latest design of test piece that has replaced our wands and sticks.   They are "puck" shaped so that they are easier to handle and were introduced to help factories keep better track of their test piece collection.  We have:

  • Rationalized and updated the range of test pieces with the intention of improving quality and finishes
  • Updated designs to meet major codes of practice, which specify non-ferrous as brass and stainless steel as grade 316
  • Colour-coded to suit retailer codes of practice with full traceability and certification

Are there any issues in changing from 304 to 316 stainless steel?
We have updated the design of our stainless steel test pucks to use annealed grade 316 stainless.  This is to comply with major retailer codes of practice, which specify this grade as the material for the test piece.  In making the switch to stainless steel grade 316, we ran some sensitivity comparison tests against grade 304.  Our conclusions were that like for like test piece size, 316 stainless steel is generally harder to detect than 304 and therefore leaves us with greater confidence of detecting 304 stainless.

Test Certificates
All of our test pucks are supplied with a certificate.  Please see an example certificate here.

Placing an Order
Placing an order is simple.  Add the required test pucks to the cart, and then check out. You will be required to create an online account so that we can ensure we have the right details to ship to and can retain the information for any further correspondence to do with your order.  When you check out, you will be required to adding shipping and billing details, select the method of shipment and then pay by credit card.  You will be able to review your order before confirming it.

You only ship to the United States, why is this?
At current time we are only able to handle online orders destined to be paid and shipped into the United States.  Our store is not set-up to deal with taxes and payment in different currencies at current time.

Items in Stock
We hold stocks of most commonly ordered test pucks (items shown under the "STOCKED TEST PUCKS" menu in the navigation) as indicated within the product description.  These items are normally held in stock and your order will be processed and shipped as soon as possible.  When we have a high volume of orders for the same product, our stocks may be depleted and we may need to delay some orders until we have re-stocked.

Non-Stocked Items
There are a number of items within the online store that we do not normally hold in stock and delivery of these items can take some time (i.e. up to 3-4 weeks) before we can fulfill them.  We group all items together for shipment, so will unable to fulfill your order until these non-stocked items come into stock.  Where able, we will communicate the delivery time after the order is placed.  If you decide to subsequently cancel the order, we will process this as a refund.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Most orders for in-stock items will be dispatched the next working day after receiving an order paid by credit card.  When able, we will attempt to ship the same day the order is received (if before 2 pm CT). For items not in stock or special sizes, we will advise the delivery time after the order is placed.  Please note that some items can be on a 3-4-week delivery from our manufacturers as a batch will need to be made.  Shipping time is dependent on the UPS shipping method below. 

Shipping Methods
We ship by UPS Standard to anywhere in the United States, which takes 3-5 business days after dispatch to arrive and will be delivered during the day.  This shipping method is valid up to a total of 20 lb and the price is displayed during check-out.

Please note that we offer free shipping on orders over the value of $100.

We are able to offer timed deliveries and same day for urgent orders.  Please contact us at for details.

Can I ship my order to an address other than my billing address?
We will only ship to a valid business address and reserve the right to cancel orders that appear to be shipping to non-genuine locations.

Urgent Orders
For urgent orders or if you need to contact us about your order, please contact us at or +1-800-872-LOMA.

Payment Methods
We only accept major credit cards through the Shopify payment gateway.  Your credit card will be charged at time of order. If you want to pay through a purchase order or any other method, please contact us or email us at and we will be able to process an order.  You can find more about paying for test pieces by purchase order here.

Can I get a tax Invoice?
Our invoices show taxes as default.  If you need a further electronic copy of this, please contact us at stating the order number and company to request a copy.

Cancellations and Refunds
Please see our returns policy for more details on cancellations and refunds.

Store Opening Times
Although our store is open is 24/7, we only ship during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm CT).  We do not ship at weekends or on national holidays.